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Most of the earlier changes have to do with the changes in alignment and location.These will be introduced as we move through the specific stamps.Many thanks to all those who are (like me) passionate about cymbals and trying to piece together the history of these alluring metal disks.

It is true they didn't put ink saying Zildjian on their cymbals until the mid 1970s.

Try it out now by clicking on this direct link to the Hollow Ink Logo entry In order to identify the era of a trademark stamp you must look closely.

The general anatomy of the stamp is that there is an upper section which is stylized Ottoman text (often referred to as Arabic, or "the squiggly bits"), and a lower section in English.

Scroll down through this gallery and you move through the production eras of Avedis Zildjian cymbals from the beginning to the current day. I am not responsible for any of the pre 1970s dates, I'm just compiling information painstakingly researched by Bill Hartrick and now in circulation around the web, most often with no acknowledgement of the original source.

The first part of this time is mostly about changes in the trademark stamps, but once you get past 1978 you will see more about the ink logos and how they changed over time. Once you get into the late 1970s (and ink becomes more of the focus) I've tried to find consensus dates for these changes.

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If you are trying to find the age of a cymbal and it has model ink like this in ALL CAPITALS, don't presume it has to be from the mid 1970s or later.

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