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By the next series, she ditches her androgynous look and begins to embrace her femininity.

Her personality also changes as she seems to be more confident and quite flirty, as well as being quite headstrong.

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What makes her relationship with Matty even more complicated is that his brother Nick Levan has fallen in love with Franky, a feeling she eventually seems to embrace and partially return, although her feelings for Matty have not actually disappeared (despite what she tells Nick).

According to her official profile, her favorite person is Joan of Arc.

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Fitzgerald was carted off and while he was smiling as he left, the injury was extremely ugly.

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However, it is that bullheadedness that eventually alienates her from the group, as it expands towards a callous rejection of everything in her life, including her friends.

Her hanging out with the dangerous Luke inadvertently results in Grace's death and Matty being on the run from the police (not knowing he was framed by Luke).

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