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Location: Cour Saint-Pierre Hours: - Mon-Sat, - Sundays (June – Sept); -, - Mon-Fri, - Saturdays, - Sundays (Oct – May) Admission for Cathedral: free Admission for tower: SFr. The north tower offers incredible panoramic views of the city, while the basement houses an Archaeological Museum chronicling the excavation of artifacts found beneath the Cathedral, some dating back as far as 350 AD.

Geneva's ancient Old Town is a maze of sloping cobblestone streets and alleyways filled with cafes, boutiques and historical landmarks at every turn.

Location: Place des Volontaires, Rhone River Built in 1886, the Bâtiment Des Forces Motrices was Geneva's first hydro-electric power plant providing the city with water and electricity. Towering over the Old Town in the heart of the city, Saint Peter's Cathedral is Geneva's oldest and most impressive architectural treasure.

Today the massive building serves as a 985 seat opera house overlooking the Rhone River. The Cathedral was began in 1160 and took over 400 years to complete, suffering numerous makeovers and fires throughout the years.

The 15th century Hotel De Ville located along Rue de l'Hotel-de-Ville still serves as the seat of government in Geneva and is the site of many political milestones including the first convening of the Geneva Convention in 1864 and the founding of the League of Nations in 1920.Top 10 Sights The most popular sights and attractions You should not miss when coming to Geneva as a tourist.The Jet D’eau is certainly an iconic image that is conjured up in many people’s minds when they think of Geneva.The area is filled with authentic ethnic restaurants and numerous interesting shops, bars and nightclubs.Just over L'Arve River, the neighboring town of Carouge is a Mediterranean style hamlet modeled after the city of Nice in France.

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