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About 110,000 people were allowed into the area to mourn their beloved sovereign and witness the cremation ceremony The five-day funeral ceremony, which began yesterday, took nearly a year to prepare and could cost up to 3 billion baht ( million).

The funeral is drawing mourners, with the late King's only son King Maha Vajiralongkorn set to lead the cremation ceremony.

However, the size of the fees and the terms can vary substantially.

Once the card has been charged, there's one more critical step — receiving the money.

(Note that cyberinsurance will not protect you from data theft.

It is simply a way to manage the crisis after it occurs.)Weighing your options for processing credit card payments requires a basic understanding of how the system works.

The payment processor always deposits the money in a bank account called a "merchant account." Money is then automatically transferred from your merchant account into a bank account your organization controls.

For most of the methods covered here, you'll need to open a merchant account through your bank or one recommended by your payment processor. Credit card companies such as Master Card and Visa also charge a fee for each transaction, so there will always be some fee to pay when you accept credit card payments.

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For instance, using a card imprinter (described below) will require that you document and enforce procedures for handling and subsequently destroying imprinter slips, whereas using a terminal or online payment method will require fewer security measures because your payment service provider will be handling the credit card information directly."Violating the PCI requirements can result in a substantial fine and the loss of your ability to accept credit card payments.

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