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It is bordered by Algeria to the west and southwest, Libya to the southeast, and the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east.Some names are invented; some are lifted off real people - plucked from news stories or obituary notices.I received an e-mail from the security vault this morning to come in claim of the consignment I deposited with them since and I have just two weeks from now to claim these funds.The Romans, who would occupy Tunisia for most of the next eight hundred years, introduced Christianity and left architectural legacies like the El Djem amphitheater.Tunisia is a unitary semi-presidential representative democratic republic.

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Its 1,300 kilometres (810 miles) of coastline includes the African conjunction of the western and eastern parts of the Mediterranean Basin and, by means of the Sicilian Strait and Sardinian Channel, features the African mainland's second and third nearest points to Europe after Gibraltar.

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