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vid=sm5742260) Hero TV's 100 Anime Singles Sales of 2009 Pt. I'm doing this for those who share my new passion for great songs accompanying Japanese animation, a forum to watch, listen and probably sing along to the songs we love. v=6kv3m MK7EP8) by Aya Hirano - Suzumiya Haruhi insert song. I don't have any problem like that (I'm on Opera), but it does annoys very much every time I enter a thread and there are tons of youtube screens up with no spoiler tag or anything. v=s70rm52u HHs) (Fiction Junction YUUKA) Digimon JP OP - Butter-Fly ( A you might guess this is more of a vanity project for me since I'm fairly new in anime music appreciation sparked by the recent anime songs boom in Japan thanks to the Haruhi, Gundam and Macross anime singles. But then after rebooting firefox it works again right until I enter this topic again o.o; Must be some bug in the forums with janfive's embedded players. v=Wh Uf4Bc OHc I) (Maaya Sakamoto) MADLAX IN - Nowhere ( vid=sm1918814) CDTV's 100 Anime OP/ED Singles Sales of 2008 Pt. Also Minmay's Ai Oboeteimasuka, the song that made me cry watching an anime for the first time, its one of the most beautiful songs ever. v=PHfd4-Mo Hfk) by Naomi Tamura - Magic Knight Rayearth opening. v=1Qdt EXex Kns) by Megumi Hayashibara - Slayers opening. v=Ff7ouw RO0EI) by Etsuko Nishio - Ranma 1/2 opening. v=f Lb1W0GIJI8) by Iwasaki Yoshimi - Touch opening. v=d5Z8Lzq PK9Q) by Emily Bindiger/Yuji Kajiura - .hack//SIGN insert song. v=Fp6QS8ZCAb U) by Elisa - ef - A Tale of Memories opening. v=CSwjqoif RVE) by Wada Kanako - Kimagure Orange Road ending. v=py Wx Fit U5v Q) (Chiaki Ishikawa) Busou Renkin OP - Makka na Chikai ( Hopefully, when I'm done posting a thousand songs (probably a couple of years from now), I'll post a ranked list of the greatest anime songs based on your recommendations and other lists and polls. Mazinger Z is definitely one of the greatest songs ever, when I heard Aniki sing it live, I could feel the mecha spirit in his powerful voice. v=ld Ru Ty K0Wy Y) (Koji Wada) Laputa Theme Song - Carrying You ( v=pt2vy Ar5s3g) (Mikuni Shimokawa) Bokurano OP - Uninstall ( v=KAcfl2grrw4) 2) My Friend by Zard - ending 4 of Slam Dunk 1993 tt Ul AUa Jk Io PV version ( v=AL7ZEw-LKMI&feature=related) 1) Daydream Generation by Matsuko Mawatari - ending 5 of Yuyu Hakusho 1992 f OWQdjftp04 Live version ( sort=10) CDTV's 100 Anime OP/ED Singles Sales of 2007 Pt. l KXUp P5TT2QDmc- Satsugai t GOFu Z22nh0 L'Arc~en~Ciel - DAYBREAK'S BELL first gundam 00 op 5f FCIj Vc34U buck-tick- Gessekai Nightwalker op qp Rnt Rj_EQU Duran Duran- Girls on film Speed Grapher op NSTph Plz Zp4 Bury - Pay money to my pain(so emo but really catchy) One outs op FQuh NU1VSNs Nigtmare - Dirty Majin tantei nougami neuro op Fm L3Su7Xj P0 Abingdon Boys School - howling Darker than black first op S_Docx-BVD4 Monorel- Kiri Ergo proxy op MR2h LW-i Hz8 bana - Shell Witch hunter Robin op f S1-7CV_t1s High and Mighty Color - Ichirin no hana Bleach 3rd op OJe PRAi7D3E Buck-tick - Dress Trinity blood op t JJG3R9q ZKk I'm going to add a few songs to the list, although many that crossed my mind when I read the title have already been posted. v=m3by IG6Ek G8) by Maki Kimura - Video Girl AI ending. But if -Karum A- can't play the videos without sound then probably others can't too. v=QVpl A4Bx N3Y) Animage's Anime Grand Prix (yearly since 1979) note: 2 versions here with some differences in the entries, I don't know which one is right Ver. 2 ( Animation Kobe Theme Song Award (yearly since 1996) ( Gendou's highest rated Anime Songs in it's database ( For us mecha fans, there's one song we all love: Yuusha Oh Gaogaigar OP Masaaki Endoh - Yuusha Oh Tanjou! v=xo6GWf IQam A) (Yoshiki Fukuyama)I'm also using Firefox (version 3.0.7) and the videos play with sound.

- A song's placing in the Oricon Music Chart is also valuable. *I hate Cha-La Head-Cha-La* There have been a few series that step it up as far as the OPs and EDs go. Some stuff for Inuyasha was very good and I personally liked the ED to Midori no Hibi ( The production makes the girls voice sound so soft and pleasing to listen to. And it's played on a bass instead of a quantized keyboard bass-synth like so many OPs and EDs have.list of Anime Song Countdowns used as reference: Animax Anison Top 500 (2007) ( So if this sounds enticing, let me know and maybe we can work some sort of system to run this event. Yu Yu Hakusho OP - hohoemi no bakudan P-MMq Ov RQvo Gundam SEED 2nd Movie ED - Akatsuki no Kuruma -OHp QFw4DJE Yatterman OP (Classic Version) DK5Ap_BC1f8 Revolutionary Girl Utena OP - Rinbu Revolution HL25C0H9v Vw If you look at the variety(different versions) Lupin the 3rd will probably be at the top. If anyone can help me remedy the situation, like do I need spoiler tags for the sound to work along with the video?I'm starting a thread on the Greatest (the Top or the Best) anime songs of all time. (since this is my first time embedding youtube videos using the BB Code tags) then I will make the necessary corrections the next time I post.Every week I'm inducting ten songs into the canon of the greatest anime songs of all time by posting its details, video and lyrics. I hope I won't have to drastically change my current format since in my opinion it's more convenient for those who view this thread to watch the videos in the same tab.

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