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I felt another climax building up and I shouted out I was gonna cum!

He was moaning louder and I knew he was about to explode too.

I felt being a fallen dirty whore, a street slut for him!

I came at the thought of his meat inside me and he just paused for a while, as my vaginal muscles contracted and relaxed on his shaft.

So I was sitting on the lounge when the door bell rang.

Tall lean and lanky James Hanley paid Luis Blava a visit to show off what he can do solo!I could feel his huge load filling the insides of my pussy!Then he collapsed upon me and after his breathing came to a normal rate he kissed me on my lips. I asked him to stay that night with me and he obliged. All my fantasies about myself fucking with Ronald were realized.I said as if not noticing his stare: “You could have informed me over phone of your arrival, I would not have looked like this. ” and he looked straight back at me and replied Yes! I responded immediately and caressed his chest and my fingers fumbled for the buttons on his shirt. I pulled his underwear and gasped in pleasure at the sight of his 9” reception!Frankly, your sudden arrival has me completely knocked.” He said: “Well sorry for that Rebecca, I didn’t rally plan on dropping in! I pulled the foreskin and kissed his head and put his cock in my mouth and sucked his head first, then his entire cock!

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