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They loved everything about this person on paper, but when they got to having a conversation with them, there was just no spark.” The latest trend in online dating is taking us back to the past: the days when your best friend set you up on a blind date with her cute next-door neighbor.This includes sites that limit the dating pool to friends of friends – arguing that you’ll have more in common, it’s safer, and it’s more natural.We can get awkward later” or “I’m hitting on you” or “Emotionally available.” If your crush is intrigued, they can log onto Cheek’d to see a simple profile with some cute factoids about you, like your latest passport stamp and most played i Pod song.Meanwhile, Nerve tries to make the online environment just like the offline one, filling it with chats, conversations, and Q&A.Instead, it encourages singles to browse the site and connect based on shared interests, activities, passions, and beliefs.The falls into ranks with tons of other niche dating sites: religion-based sites like Jewish JDate, Veggie Date for vegetarians, Cupidtino for Apple fans, The Atlasphere for Ayn Rand fans, and Farmers Only for, well, farmers only. Try as they might to get love to blossom across a computer screen, some dating sites know that it’s hard to calculate which couples will have that “spark” in real life – or the “zsa zsa zsu,” as Carrie Bradshaw put it in “Sex and the City So they are taking online dating offline.“You, our human client, are far too complex to be predicted by a personality test,” their website says.Rather than do matching, Sparkology just reorders the profiles you see based on your clicks, views, messages, likes/dislikes, and blocks on the site.

“Talk to anyone using these dating sites about their experiences, and you’ll hear the same story again and again.

Despite e Harmony’s protests, many dating sites have come to the conclusion that shared interests fuel romance.

The Complete.me, which pulls “likes” from your Facebook profile, shies away from predicting who will catch your eye other than using basic factors like age, sex, and location.

Although dating sites keep their algorithms secret, the paper explains, the types of factors they use to match people – mainly similarities and differences between them – are “unlikely” to have more than a small effect on long-term relationship success.

Sparkology, the elite dating site where men from top universities pay to message women, belongs to the same school of thought.

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“Do you and your potential mate resolve conflict in a similar fashion? ” It also denounces chemistry: “Almost all marriages start out with good chemistry, yet 3 out of 4 couples end up unhappy or divorced.” has spawned two dating sites that have a similar philosophy. Helen Fisher, TED speaker and author of “Why We Love.” Its personality test asks about traits like risk aversion, spontaneity, and emotional intelligence, and also makes hopeful singles measure their index and ring fingers and judge smiles for phoniness.

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