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The security breach came as 103 real cardinals arrived in Rome to start the meeting that will choose when the pope is elected.The decision will be delayed because 12 cardinals have still not arrived.Before being spotted Napierski had told reporters his name was Basilius and that he was a member of the non existent Italian Orthodox Church - initially there were reports in the Italian media that he was part of a stunt by Australian TV but this proved false.Napierski also told reporters that the Catholic Church had made ‘serious mistakes’ by allowing priests accused of sex crimes to move to different parishes elsewhere and cover up scandals instead of dealing with them.Several of Giraudo's victims also described the abuse they suffered at the hands of the priest who was jailed for twelve months last year after plea bargaining to a charge of sexually abusing a 17 year old boy.It is not the first item that the former pope has been accused of dragging his heels over abuse cases - three years ago it was suggested he did the same with a priest also accused of paedophile in his former hometown of Munich.

In one of his last audiences before resigning, Benedict met with the three cardinals who prepared the report and decided that their dossier would remain secret.Hundreds of hip-shaking and wig-wearing Elvis Presley and Priscilla lookalikes, and fans of the late King of Rock and Roll, take a train from Sydney, bound for Australia's annual Elvis festival in the town of Parkes.US Coast Guard video shows more helicopter rescues from the southern California mudslides. Anti-bugging devices: Vatican workers will today start work on the Sistine Chapel to make it 'safe' for the conclave.Today Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn attended a mass (pictured) Alert Swiss Guards rumbled him because his vestments were wrong and because they noticed his purple sash was really a scarf and he was also wearing an odd looking fedora hat, while the other giveaway was the shortness of his black cassock and the crucifix around his neck was on a short chain.

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