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When natural oils in the leather dry out, it becomes cracked and brittle.Softening leather will protect your leather items, so you can go on wearing them as if they are good as new.Then, the hides will be soaked to wipe off the dirt.Next, a type of lime water will be used for waxing and removing some types of proteins, fibers in the hides and change the structure of the hides a little bit so that the hides will have better ability to penetrate the chemicals which will be used in the next section.Firstly, you lay your leather boots or gloves outside on a sunny day.

Add some layers of oil to get the better softening effect. However, it also makes your stiff leather smooth and wearable.

You can also use leather treatment products designed to clean, soften and polish leather shoes.

Many of them will actually strengthen leather, and you can use them as the lasting solution.

Leather treatment products are often more expensive than natural oils.

Choose one of these products in case you have enough money to spend on softening your boots and gloves.

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