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I myself as well as my parents wanted me to choose violin, because we think that: firstly there are more violin teachers here; secondly,a 4/4 violin for beginner is not expensive (my homeland is China where violins with reasonable price are available, and my relatives could buy one and send it for me ); thirdly, I've been loved string instrument when I was young, but had no chance to learn(because my parents wanted me to concentrate on study, and to study math, physics, foreign languages..order to go to a better school), as I am adult now my parents don't care about my study, thus allow me doing what I like..However, I've also heard about that it is not good for adult like me to learn violin, in my hometown if an adult wants to learn violin, it is discouraged, because people always consider that violin is one instrument difficult (or most difficult) to master, thus one should start from a very early age (3 to 6 yrs old), if one becomes adult, his or her mind as well as flexibility is limited, thus adult could not master it well, and people also think that it is impossible for adult to learn Classical pieces composed by Mozart, Vivaldi, Sarasate, Paganini... In terms of oboe, in my homeland not many people know what oboe is, and there are few students learn to play oboe, people also think that if one wants to master oboe, there is no AGE limit, that is, if you want to play oboe concerto, there is no age limit, you can start from any age if you like, after years of practice one could master it.

In 1825 Carl Almenräder, a German instrument maker, initiated alterations that minimized the inherent unevenness of tone and the unsteadiness of the notes typical of the French version of the bassoon.Bassoon, French basson, German Fagott, the principal bass instrument of the orchestral woodwind family.The bassoon’s reed is made by bending double a shaped strip of cane.Its classical compass is three octaves upward from the B♭ below the bass staff, the most-used melodic range coinciding with that of the tenor voice.Since the mid-19th century, the range has been extended up to treble E.curtal.

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