How to deactivate oracle auto updating

Get:1 spacewalk:// channels:/main amd64 Packages [20 B] … [email protected]:/etc/apt/d# apt-get update Apt-Spacewalk: Updating … Get:1 spacewalk://lan channels:/main amd64 Packages [1,923 k B] …

Fetched 5,441 k B in 7s (680 k B/s) Reading package lists…

Hello I know this issue is old but it is currently hitting me on ubuntu 14.04 🙂 Did you report this to upstream?

Could you elaborate it a bit – does the original Packages in ubuntu upstream have this parameter?

You probably have heard of Spacewalk, the systems management solution for RHEL / Cent OS and other Red Hat-based systems.

It provides and manages content / package updates for all your servers along with some other features like kickstarting / bootstrapping nodes, audits and some simple config management if you dont run Chef or Puppet or similar.

For me, the git clone with the repo URLs from the article are working. However these packages are not ported to debian/ubuntu yet so your best chance is to try building them from source for debian.

It took me a week to figure it out that spacewalk is not populating full package metadata.

Because flag “Multi-Arch” is missing in python and python3 metadata, apt-get thinks that dependencies are not met.

try to run: dpkg -l python It will probably get “dpkg-query: no packages found matching python” even though python is installed.

The issue you having is a bug in spacewalk and I don’t think it was reported yet.

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