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That left the Hiller OH-5A as the winner -- if only in principle.

While the Navy had concluded the OH-5A was the best machine for the requirement, the Army had other ideas, partly because Howard Hughes, the boss of Hughes Aircraft, was pulling out all the stops to get the deal.

* In the early 1960s, the Bell Helicopter company began a program to develop a light turboshaft-powered helicopter, which after a few zigs and zags emerged as the "Model 206 Jet Ranger".

The Jet Ranger would prove a popular machine, both in civil and military service, and prove highly extendable, with derivatives still being introduced in the 21st century.

A dozen companies submitted proposals, with Bell offering the "OH-4A", Hiller the "OH-5A", and Hughes the "OH-6A".

The Army ordered five prototypes of each, all to be powered by a single Allison T63 turboshaft engine.

These machines were actually diverted from US Army contracts, with the Army issuing a new contract to make up the shortfall.

Of course the OH-58A featured militarized avionics, as well as a modified layout, with seats for two and the rest of the cabin reserved for cargo carriage.

Deliveries began in May 1969, with the Kiowa promptly going into combat in Vietnam.

The Jet Ranger obtained civil certification in October 1966, with production deliveries before the year was out.

It was second-sourced by Agusta in Italy as the "AB 206A", with Agusta building subsequent subvariants of the Jet Ranger.

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