Facebook blackberry not updating

I've been on a couple of forums where folks seem to be having similar issues and the general advice was to download an older FB app for my OS (7.1).

Having done that I still get the original error message at the log-in phase.

So, in short, am I resigned now forever (if I still want to use this phone) to only being able to access FB via its direct web link?

Facebook has NEVER supplied an app for Black Berry to begin with.

Yet, my Jolla, which also doesn't support native Facebook apps nor API.

Able to at-least post status update from their notification center. Can anyone please help me with some practical advice?

It's really just a web version of FB, but it also offers hub integration.

If you don't mind putting up the cash, try Face10 also. the app asks for my Facebook password, on their site? That's sketchy, even if the author has no plans for that data himself, he's got to be storing that data very insecurely. I mean in use the Web version at my pc, but the mobile Web version isn't all that great of an experience to me. For a company struggling to hanging by a thread, who lost 90% of its mobile customers to other platforms, namely i OS and Android, and discovering that they could have been a better Android OEM, then they gave themselves credit for, and the very few they have will potentially jump just because they prefer the Facebook app, they make sink themselves after barely drowning in the sea of competition in the mobile space.

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