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"We Are the Champions" by Queen is played during the finale of the film.

The film holds a 70% approval rating and 5.9/10 average at the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes based on 43 critics' reviews.

A predominantly black fraternity Lambda Lambda Lambda (Tri-Lambs) considers an Adams College chapter, due to the fact that there has never been a Lambda Lambda Lambda chapter at Adams. The nerds later take their revenge on both groups by staging a panty raid on the Pi Delta Pis and pouring liquid heat into the Alpha Betas' jock straps. Although now a fraternity, the harassment continues, and Lambda Lambda Lambda finds their prank charges stonewalled by Stan, who is also president of the Greek Council.

The nerds realize they can only stop Stan by the Tri-Lambs winning the upcoming Greek Games during homecoming, the winning chapter gaining the presidency.

The original Nerds residence, from which they were ousted by the Alpha Betas, was actually Cochise Hall.

The nerds approach the campus police for help, but are bound by the fraternities' Greek Council that adjudicates all such pranks; the only way to appeal the Greek Council's inaction is to join a national fraternity. Jefferson, is not enthusiastic about a predominantly white group becoming a chapter, but is forced to grant an automatic 60-day probationary membership due to bylaws. The Alpha Betas, along with the Pi Delta Pis, to which Stan's head cheerleader girlfriend Betty Childs belongs, disrupt the party with a sounder of swine. N.'s attitude changes when he sees the discrimination the nerds face. is impressed by the nerds' willingness to stand up for themselves, and he commissions them the Adams College chapter of Lambda Lambda Lambda.

The higher a word appeared on the vertical, y-axis, the more it was associated with being a geek In terms of hobbies, more geeky pastimes related to toys and manga.

An image from The Life and Art of Osamu Tezuka: God of Manga book is pictured left.

With the Alpha Betas and nerds in close running, the final event is a musical competition.

The nerds readily outdo the Alpha Betas with a techno-computer-driven musical production and win the competition.

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Dean Ulich sets up the freshmen in temporary quarters in the school's gymnasium, but allows them to rush the fraternities to alleviate their housing situation.

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