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Returning customers love it and they will keep coming to get more of that and to buy something too.The key and the ultimate goal is to get to know them as people, not as buyers.Everything seems to be going right until angry customers call with their issues.It might seem obvious, but the very first thing you need to do to improve your phone support is to pick up the phone!Lack of a toll-free number, unreliable free chat widget and no dedicated people to answer the question. When this moment comes, the company opens up for customers.It adds dedicated tools for managing customer emails, installs online chat software on the website, creates social media profile on Facebook or Twitter or simply starts in the most usual and traditional way – sets up an additional phone line for customer support.

Szymon is a Certified Google Adwords Professional and worked in the domain/hosting industry before joining Live Chat in 2006 Twitter The relationship between you is simple – they vote for a product/service with their wallets.However, when it is managed improperly, it can also cause a lot of trouble.According to White House Office of Consumer Affairs, satisfied customers share their experience with 4-6 people, while a dissatisfied customers tell 9-15 people about their negative experience.1 reason that people leave a place of business is based on how they were treated.Smart companies understand the value of their current customer base, and recognizing what they need to do in order to keep them.

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