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When I first saw him, I thought I saw an aura of light around him and I felt a strange feeling as if I knew him really well, even though I knew I'd never seen him before.

Now we have been married for more than a decade." —Natalia aka "Saw Lady" 7. I met him at a houseboat party that I almost didn't attend. "My husband and I have been married for 19 years this past June.

"The first time I saw my now-husband, I was 15 years old.

It was summer, he was my waiter, and as we locked eyes, I swear everything around me slowed down and I knew.

I knew nothing about cabaret, but if New York producers want to give you a show, you take it.

I started going to the Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts every day to check out music, and that's where I met Scott, whose job was to hand out sheet music at the library.

If anything deems to be called love at first sight, it would be this." —Morgan 4.

We've been married for more than 12 years, have two amazing daughters, and our story inspired a novel, 10. A friend in my dorm was excited about meeting this cute guy in an early-morning physics lab.Fast forward 10 years later, we've made it through law school (him), living in a foreign country (me), moving across the country twice, and so much more. and when we returned home, it was weird to say the least. After three months, we moved in together and made our marriage official in the U. We have now been married for almost four years and have a 2-year-old.We celebrated five years of marriage in January and welcomed our first baby girl in March. Everything seemed too right and I thought, After a romantic three days, we got married in Cabo! We still haven't had a serious fight and are still as in love, if not more, than when we met on that beautiful day in Cabo." —Courtney 6.It turned out we were both going through breakups and we started talking about our love for animals and he said, 'I have two cats and Dobermans are my favorite dog.' Ahhhh! I've always loved dobies, had a cat at the time, and just love animals in general.We started going out in October, were living together before Christmas, and moved to Cleveland in March. "Nearly 11 years ago, I walked past my now-husband in one of the hallways in our high school and was drawn to his eyes.

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