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Just over a year ag, something else almost happened that we thought would kill Dad: It appeared Hilary Clinton would be elected President. But seriously, after long visits at the hospitals, we'd sit around and wonder how the hell Dad could fight through a failing heart and kidneys, digestive tract issues, broken bones, pneumonia..with courage and still managing to make those around him smile.His inner strength and love for his family kept him going.He rarely complained and my sister provided the same level of care to him, as he once provided Mom. Of course other family members also provided love and support.We want you to know that we appreciate your support and how much you all loved this great man.

He even retired early to be with her each moment of her final journey.

When Mom passed, I was devastated, as were so many that knew her, and we were also concerned about Dad.

His love for Mom was so strong and we wondered how he would go on without his soulmate.

Jeanette I am so grateful for all the memories I have with you; playing golf, dinners, weddings, unfortunately funerals too.

You have always been an icon of strength and resilience throughout your life and I have always admired your optimism and your "Peter Pan" outlook of growing older.

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