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Ganness sent off an e-mail to the singer introducing herself.To her surprise he wrote her back the very next day.Like most people in the world nowadays, particularly those with busy lives, Ganness and Amante met on an online dating site.Both were new to this type of dating but decided to throw caution to the wind.The story of the new Mr and Mrs Amante seems ripped right out of the pages of a romance novel or fairytale.From their courtship to their eventual marriage, their love story has played out in full view of their eager Facebook friends, followers and fans on their individual pages through photos and deeply personal love notes celebrating each other and their love.He soon proved me wrong however and indicated quite early that he wanted to get to know me better.Interestingly I wasnt nervous because from the beginning he was just Michael, the man I loved and who I knew loved me.

Oh my goodness, I remember sitting in front my computer after I had typed in his name on Google and thinking to myself, oh no, this is not happening!

Ganness, like many women, knew what it was like to experience the pain of a relationship gone wrong before meeting Amante.

She even went public about her divorce but she never gave up on loving again.

As a television entertainment reporter, Ann Marie Ganness often got the opportunity to mingle backstage with well-known international singers whenever they came to town.

It was a perk of the job, yes, but it was also how Ganness got her exclusive interviews with the visiting artistes.

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