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Don't get me wrong, review scores are in the eye of the beholder so I'm sure there are plenty of times that you've read something I have written and not agreed with me.

I mean that it's rare for me to play a game during a demo and not have a solid idea of what the final product is going to be.

It works – the HUD is at the forefront and there's definitely a depth of field effect – but it's not amazing and the glasses wash the color out of the game.

These adult themes tied in with a very, very Batman-looking world really drive home your connection to the story. Zsasz holding a knife to a female doctor, her screaming for me to save her, the Joker screaming at Zsasz to kill her, and Zsasz screaming at me to stay back.Harley's wearing a fairly skimpy outfit that shows off her lady parts, Poison Ivy's in some painted-on panties, colorful language like "ass" and "bitch" is peppered in, and there are people getting murdered left and right.Arkham itself is a dark and dingy place that just had every psychopath housed there run through the halls tearing the building apart.The actual Arkham campus is a loony bin spread across multiple buildings on one massive rock.With the Joker in charge you're going to have to swing over rooms filled with gas, save doctors, rip vent covers off the walls so you can make a path around locked doors, and move as fast as Batman can to stop the Joker from releasing an army of monsters on the people of Gotham City.

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These are the moments that wrapped me up in the experience and made me feel like Batman on the longest night of his life.

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